Welcome to the first audio edition of Classics Confidential (see our previous post for an introduction to this new format), on the topic of ‘The Senses’.

This episode features the voices of:

Eleanor Betts, Lecturer in Classical Studies at The Open University.

Catherine Hoggarth, PhD student at the University of Kent.

Ben Jacks, Associate Professor at Miami University, Ohio.

Ray Laurence, Professor of Roman History and Archaeology at the University of Kent.

Jeff Veitch, PhD student at the University of Kent.

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Senses screenshot

The programme is also available on Soundcloud (see below).

Editor’s note: Much of the material for this programme was recorded at the workshop ‘Sensory Theory, Methodology and Experience: Contemporary and Classical Perspectives’, which was held at the University of Kent on 4-5 November 2016. Many thanks to the organisers, Kelli RudolphPatricia Baker and Carolina Vasilikou for organising this extremely stimulating workshop.