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Welcome to Classics Confidential, a website where you will find hundreds of video and audio interviews with people who are passionate about Classics and the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.

This site was founded back in March 2010 by Jessica Hughes and Elton Barker, who are both members of the Department of Classical Studies at The Open University. Since then, we’ve been joined by  colleagues from all over the world who have shared their work and enthusiasm for antiquity in our interviews.

Our interview format has changed over the years. From 2010-2016 we recorded on video (with special thanks to Anastasia Bakogianni and our other guest interviewers). In 2017, we moved into audio – both longer themed audio documentaries and, as of 2019, shorter 2-person interviews which we’ve entitled ‘CC Shorts’.

You’ll find all of our old content in the Archives, and you can keep up with new stuff by joining our Facebook Group, or by following us on Twitter @classicsconfide. Join in the conversation by tweeting with the hashtag #classicsconfide. You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes – just search for ‘Classics Confidential’. Happy listening!