Dear followers,

It’s been a while since we posted any new interviews, but we’re back now with a new (drum roll….) AUDIO format Classics Confidential!

Why have we changed from our traditional video interviews, you may be wondering? Well, there are a few reasons….

  • Production quality. The trusty Flip Cameras that we started recording on were perfect for experimenting with vodcasting, but it was never easy to get high-quality audio on these, as some of you pointed out in the YouTube User Comments. The iPad + external mic combo was much better in terms of audio quality, but we still faced all the usual challenges of getting a decent video interview (wonky tables, bad lighting and so forth).
  • Usability. While few people have time to sit and watch long video interviews on the laptop, we hope that the new audio format will allow people to listen when driving, doing the ironing, etc etc. We’ve started a new podcast channel, hosted on the Open University podcast site, which you can subscribe to via iTunes so you get each new episode delivered to your mobile device. And we’ll keep updating this website with links and programme notes.
  • It’s time for a change! We’ve been producing CC for more than six years now, and while we love looking back on those early videos with all their shakes and jaunty camera angles, we thought it was time for a new challenge – that is, to see if we could create a series of high-quality, compelling audio programmes about the most cutting-edge research in Classical Studies.

We hope you enjoy the first audio (see next post) as much as we enjoyed making it, and look forward to sharing more with you soon. Thanks for sticking with us  🙂