cover of seduction and power

The fourth interview recorded at the University of Roehampton was filmed in the beautiful gardens surrounding Grove House. CC’s Anastasia Bakogianni talks with Dr Marta García Morcillo about the Imagines Project ( Marta tells us about her work for this international network dedicated to the promotion of classical antiquity in the visual and performing arts.

Marta talks about the network’s conferences, organised every two to three years. The Imagines Project’s work is showcased in a collection that Marta co-edited together with Silke Knippschild entitled Seduction and Power: Antiquity in the Visual and Performing Arts (2013). The inspiration for this edited collection came from the network’s 2010 conference that explored this theme.

Marta also tells us about the network’s forthcoming conference Sailing in Troubled Waters: The Ancient Mediterranean and its Legacy in the Performing and Visual Arts. The fourth Imagines conference will be held at the University of Algarve, Faro (1-4 October). Marta talks to us about the network’s commitment to working with artists. In Faro this will take the form of a special mural produced as a means of exploring the conference theme in art.

Follow this link to watch our interview, to learn more about the Imagines Project and to hear our discussion of why classics matters today.

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