Statue of Spring
Statue of Spring, University of Roehampton

Outside once more, the location of the third interview recorded at the University of Roehampton is the back of Grove House overlooking the grounds of Froebel College. CC’s Anastasia Bakogianni talks with Dr Rosemary Barrow about four classicising statues that preside over the gardens of this neoclassical house. They are personifications of the Four Seasons and add another ‘classical’ touch to the decorative scheme of Grove House.

Rosemary focuses on the semi-nude ‘Autumn’ and the tantalisingly covered ‘Winter’ and talks about the popularity of such representations in the nineteenth century. She tells us how the female nude came to be so closely associated with classical antiquity in this period and how this trend is reflected in the Grove House statues.

Follow this link to watch our interview, and to explore the depth of the nineteenth-century’s engagement with the ‘classical’, which extended even to garden ornaments.

You might also be interested in Rosemary’s YouTube video in which she talks about ‘Summer’.

Note: The book that Rosemary refers to in the interview is The Classical Tradition: Art, Literature, Thought co-authored with Michael Silk and Ingo Gildenhard (Oxford: Wiley Blackwell, 2014)