On the occasion of the Cambridge Greek Play 2013, CC’S Anastasia Bakogianni caught up with Clinical Associate Professor of Classics Peter Meineck (New York University).  As well as being an academic, Peter is a theatre practioner and the founder of Aquila Theatre.

In this interview, Peter explains why Greek drama matters today and the important messages that these ancient plays can convey. He is currently working on a book which explores the effect of Greek drama on audiences by drawing on some of the latest research from the field of cognitive theory and neuroscience. Here he talks about the appeal of Athenian drama and its continuing power to move audiences. Peter also tells us about the therapeutic value of Greek drama and his project Ancient Greeks/Modern Lives which brought Greek Literature to combat veterans in the United States and served to open up dialogue on the theme of war and its impact.

Peter is also a translator who aims to create translations of Greek tragedy and comedy that work on the stage. He is currently engaged in a project to translate Menander which he hopes will bring the master of New Comedy to new audiences.

This interview was filmed in the Museum of Classical Archaeology in the Faculty of Classics at the University of Cambridge. CC would like to gratefully acknowledge the help of the Curator, Dr Susanne Turner.

Watch our interview here!