In this interview Marie-Claire Beaulieu talks to CC’s Elton Barker about two different topics. First, the Perseids project, which is an open-access and open-source online editing platform developed by the Perseus Digital Library team. Perseids facilitates the collaborative editing and annotating of ancient documents such as texts, inscriptions, and manuscripts. Perseids is intended as an open environment in which scholars, students, and members of the public can participate in the creation and dissemination of knowledge by publishing new documents and making old ones more accessible via annotations, translations, links to supporting materials, and commentaries. You can find out more on the Perseids blog. Second,  Marie-Claire discusses her ongoing research into the sea in Greek mythology. The sea functions as both a geographical and a cosmological boundary, since it separates countries and continents, but also separates mortals, immortals, and the dead. The mythical river Ocean, in the furthest reaches of the sea, marks the line of the horizon and provides a gateway to Hades and Olympus. Similarly, the physical sea is connected to Hades and to the surface by way of deep tunnels, rivers, and springs. Marine animals, especially ducks and dolphins, embody these characteristics of the sea and they function as intermediaries between men, the gods, and the dead.

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