This week we were in London again, talking to Jarrid Looney and Lottie Parkyn, co-founders of The Classics Closet – a brand new blog about celebrities and Classics that was launched only yesterday (1st November 2012). Without giving too much away about the famous people who are going to be featured on the blog over the coming months, they  tell us about some of the factors that led to them setting it up – including their own PhD research on Greek drama and its reception in later periods, their involvement in the Save Classics at Royal Holloway campaign and Sheffest (the Sheffield Festival of Ancient Drama), and a chance discovery about actor Tom Hiddleston….

Jarrid and Lottie will be posting on the site on the 1st and 15th of every month. You can give feedback on the individual posts via the Comments feature on the site – or if you’d like to make suggestions of celebrities who might be featured on the blog, or even contribute your own post, you can write to Lottie and Jarrid on We’re looking forward to the first official posting on 15th November!

Click on the image below or follow this link to watch the interview.