Welcome to CC Shorts! This is a new short interview format which takes the goodness from our original Classics Confidential vodcasts – conversations with colleagues and practitioners that provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their work – and packages it up into a podcast for your listening pleasure.

Elton Barker writes….

“The venue for the launch of our new bite-sized podcast was one of, if not the, main meeting on the Classics and Archaeology conference circuit: the Society of Classical Studies. Held in San Diego from 3-6 January, this year’s conference was celebrating its 150th anniversary, and featured, among other ground-breaking work, a panel on Classical Studies podcasts. While the conference will be remembered for some truly ugly examples of racism (requiring us, as Josephine Quinn and Dan-el Padilla Peralta have elegantly written, to look hard at our subject and ourselves), our two CC bites focus on the research of, as it happens, two of the most vocal critics of racism in Classics.

In the first episode, I catch up with an old grad school colleague of mine from Ohio State, Rebecca Futo Kennedy. Now a professor of Classics (and, no less importantly I learned, an accidental Museum Director), Rebecca’s research, teaching and blogging directly confront issues of race, ethnicity, gender, environment, and class with which we’re clearly still living. (See, for example, Rebecca’s reflections on SCS ’19 on her blog.) Here I learn from her about some of the problems of trying to research ideas of ethnicity and race in the ancient Mediterranean world.”

In the second CC bites episode (coming soon), Elton has the pleasure of chatting with Jackie Murray, Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of Kentucky.

Follow this link to listen to the episode on the OU podcast site