Returning to UCL’s Department of Greek and Latin Anastasia Bakogianni talks with Professor Gesine Manuwald about her work on fragments from early Roman tragedy. Gesine tells us about some of the challenges, as well as the rewards, of working with this fragmentary evidence.

Some questions will always remain unanswerable, but Gesine reveals that the fragments offer us an insight into an earlier stage in the development of Roman drama. These plays were not simply translations of their Greek models, but underwent a process of ‘Romanization’. Dramatists like Ennius hoped to use these new versions of Greek drama to win over their Roman public and to secure more commissions. Gesine talks about the popularity of Roman drama, which was enjoyed by all sections of society.

Follow this link to watch our interview, and to learn more about how Latinists assemble this jigsaw puzzle of fragments. Join us to find out more about the Roman versions of tragic heroines such as Andromache and Medea!