Roehampton campusCC’s Anastasia Bakogianni welcomes back Dr Sonya Nevin to talk to us about the Higher Education Academy funded project that she is managing on behalf of the Department of Humanities at the University of Roehampton. The Department was awarded a Teaching Development Grant for ‘Using the University Campus as a Learning Resource in the Humanities’. The outcome is a new module whose aim is to teach vocational skills through the study of the Humanities. The module uses the history and environs of the University of Roehampton itself as a teaching tool. Students taking the module will be encouraged to draw on these resources to create their own research projects and to involve the local community.

The impact of classics on our environment is particularly strongly felt on the grounds of the University of Roehampton campus which boasts a number of neoclassical buildings and features. Sonya tells us about Grove House and the Roman matron who is buried on campus.  Follow this link to watch our interview, and learn how she mistakenly ended up in Britain!

This interview was shot on location at Froebel College, University of Roehampton

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