Our first interview of the autumn focuses on the ancient Picenes, an Iron Age population who lived in Central Adriatic Italy between around 900 and 268 BCE. Click on the YouTube screen shot below to hear Dr Eleanor Betts tell us about Picene culture and religion, and the various challenges that archaeologists face in reconstructing the lives of this fascinating ancient people.

Remnants of Picene material culture can be found in the National Museum of Ancona, and other museums across the Marche region. And to find out more about Picene religion, you can turn to:

Eleanor Betts (2003), “The sacred landscape of Picenum: towards a phenomenology of cult places”, in John B. Wilkins and Edward Herring (eds) Inhabiting Symbols: Symbol and Image in the Ancient Mediterranean, published by the Accordia Research Institute. The author has also recently written another article for Accordia about the Picene goddess Cupra – we definitely look forward to reading that one when it comes out!