We’ve got a very special double-bill this week, which we’ve produced together with The Iris Project. The Iris Project is (in the words of its founder, Dr Lorna Robinson) “an educational charity which I decided to set up in 2006, and its mission is to introduce the languages and culture of the ancient world to UK state schools in order to enrich the curriculum. It was founded in the passionate belief that the opportunity to learn about Classical languages, literature, histories and art should be made available to all, regardless of background, and that learning about these fascinating subjects can be a vital tool in promoting learning across the school curriculum.” In this first video interview with Lorna we hear more about the beliefs and aims that underpin the project. And in the second video (to be posted soon!) we will see Iris in action in an East Oxford primary school.

Click on the YouTube screenshot to access the first video. And if you want to find out more about the Iris Project, have a look at the website at www.irismagazine.org!