Our interview this week features Professor Bernard Frischer, Director of the Virtual World Heritage Center at the University of Virginia. The interview was filmed at the American Academy in Rome at the end of a three-day conference on the topic of Roman Memory, which formed part of a multi-year international project on Memoria Romana (directed by Prof. Karl Galinsky of the University of Texas at Austin). Prof. Frischer’s presentation at the conference had introduced the audience to a range of his current  projects, which include a new virtual world model of Hadrian’s Villa, new digital tools for restoring the polychromy of ancient sculptures, and ‘Rome Reborn 2.2’ – a spectacular digital model of the city of Rome as it appeared in 320CE.

In this interview, Prof. Frischer talks to us about what it means to be a ‘virtual archaeologist’, and how he came to be involved in this field. He also tells us more about the Rome Reborn project, which you can visit and explore for yourself by following this link. You can also read more about Prof. Frischer’s work on his website.