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Are you going to the 2017 Classical Association in Kent next week (26-29 April)?

If so, why not come and record a short interview about your research, for inclusion in a future Classics Confidential podcast episode?

CC’s Jessica Hughes will be roaming the conference with her recording gear, hoping to capture as many voices as possible.

What to expect from a recording session.

If you agree to be recorded for Classics Confidential – well….thank you! This is a great way to share your work with a wide audience.

First thing: the recording will be audio only. So no need to worry about how you look! Although if you like, we can always take a photo to share on our Twitter feed.

We’ll find a quiet-ish place to sit or stand, and aim to talk for between 5 and 15 minutes about your research topic. This will be a very informal chat – nothing scripted, just a natural conversation between you and the interviewer (whose voice will not appear in the final recording)

What to talk about? If you’re a speaker at the conference, you might like to summarise the paper that you’re giving, and talk about how it relates to your other research projects. If you’re not giving a paper, you can just talk about whatever you are working on – a book you’ve written, a volume that you’ve edited, your PhD thesis – anything at all Classics-related. Please don’t be shy! If you don’t like the result of the recording, we don’t need to use it. But it’s worth a try 🙂

After the recording is finished, Jessica will note down your contact details, and then get in touch when the episode is in the production stages. If you’ve listened to the first two podcasts in the new series, you’ll know that we’re now producing themed episodes on topics such as The Senses, Linked Data and (coming soon) East Africa and the Classical Tradition. This means that your own recording will be edited together with three or four other voices, all discussing the same (or a closely-related) topic.

If you’d like to get in touch before the conference to ask any questions or fix a time to meet, you can contact Jess on email at or on Twitter @jesshughes61.

And if you’re not going to the CA, but would like to contribute to a future podcast, please watch this space.

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